Specialized services to artists, producers, entrepreneurs, labels and investors that supports the artists’ career launching or repositioning, releasing of a new album, maximization of its incomes possibilities and the effective management of its assets (songs) on a market that after years in crisis, as a result of piracy and the transition of the media to digital, still finds itself instable and adapting stage.


The artistic business management became more complex. Before there were three sources of income for the artist, album sale (CDs/LPs), concerts and public performance. Today, in the era of digital music post-piracy, there are more than 30 different ways to monetize the artists business, a diversity that demands a wider and profound knowledge to connect to sources of income. Aspects that goes from copyright to marketing planning, digital distribution channels, music licensing, image, artist branding construction, digital activation, products and merchandising exploitation among numerous others. The barrier of releasing and access distribution has decayed on the marker. The difficulty on reaching visibility to ones work has increased. Career has to be treated as business and it’s planning, as a key to success.


Elemess advises and supports the artist and its team so they can dedicade entirely to art.


By career and business manager we offer a category called “label services” that means phonographic advising. This type of service attends the whole artists and underground labels needy of services once offered by labels e editors. The services comprehend since de releasing e licensing of pieces to albums and projects, trough commercial distribution of digital and physical products, marketing activities e promotion by public relation, social media, radio and TV, administration of pieces, liquidation of royalties and copyright. Summarizing, we offer our clients a label/editor infrastructure followed by a marketing plan to reach the best result for the artist products.

+ Artists

Elemess sees brands and advertising as the new “Maecenas” of the contemporary world, are agents capable of funding a grant more visibility to artists and projects that without support, many times are commercially unviable or would have a much smaller projection. We believe that brand actions attached to music, artists and general entertainment have a very positive result by enhancing a better connection to the consumer and are excellent alternatives over traditional media.


By this logic, Elemess creates projects/acts in brand services and agencies making well thought actions aligning values and concepts between brands and artists with multiple gains to the parts involved looking towards lasting relationships between them, not only isolated actions.


e Sync

A wide and eclectic catalog of music for licensing, advertising and content. Besides the agility of our licensing process we offer the “Music Supervisor” to orientate e ease the soundtrack and songs selection to advertising movies, long and short film, TV shows, internet content and special projects.


Search service, negotiation and clearance for music, phonograms, photos, images, texts and copyright of general intellectual property, to artists, advertising agencies, video/audio producers and cinema.


By acting daily and constantly alongside many holders e managers of copyright, Elemess supports its clients with agility and efficiency, offering also pieces and alternative content to even those considered on hard or unviable clearance.


Negotiation and prospection for artistic performance on its many formats, managing the relationship between artist and hirer, coordinating the production and execution of concerts, from big halls and festivals until nightclubs and public events.


Besides selling, Elemess manages all contracts and documents the refers to the events, including visas and other state documents, the company is responsible for the finance management of each event with the follow up of ticket sales, bills control and all payments and incomes. Elemess is also responsible for tour managing in the national and international scope, managing the artist or event production, caring for transport and logistics, accommodations of both artist and team, supervising technical specs of the events sound, light and infrastructure.


The team works towards the understanding of hirer’s needs, the event/artists, looking after the best conditions for the artists not disregarding the hirer and audience’s satisfaction. Known that artist, hirer and audience are our real clients it is fundamental to the realization of successful concerts.


The main difference of Elemess on booking is the agility and clarity on the negotiation, the respectful follow up brick by brick on each event, from the briefing to after the sale, measuring the satisfaction e receiving any comment to the improvement of our services.